Tbreak (temporary breakpoint)

tbreak [ location ] [if condition]

With a line number argument, set a break there in the current file. With a function name, set a break at first executable line of that function. Without argument, set a breakpoint at current location. If a second argument is if, subequent arguments given an expression which must evaluate to true before the breakpoint is honored.

The location line number may be prefixed with a filename or module name and a colon. Files is searched for using sys.path, and the .py suffix may be omitted in the file name.


tbreak     # Break where we are current stopped at
tbreak 10  # Break on line 10 of the file we are currently stopped at
tbreak os.path.join # Break in function os.path.join
tbreak os.path:45   # Break on line 45 of os.path
tbreak myfile.py:45 # Break on line 45 of myfile.py
tbreak myfile:45    # Same as above.

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