List (show me the code!)

list [ range ]

list + | - | .

List source code. See help syntax range for what can go in a list range.

Without arguments, print lines centered around the current line. If num is given that number of lines is shown.

Without arguments, print lines starting from where the last list left off since the last entry to the debugger. We start off at the location indicated by the current stack.

in addition you can also use:

  • a ‘.’ for the location of the current frame
  • a ‘-’ for the lines before the last list
  • a ‘+’ for the lines after the last list


list 5               # List starting from line 5 of current file
list 5 ,             # Same as above.
list , 5             # list listsize lines before and up to 5
list        # List starting from line 5 of file
list foo()           # List starting from function foo
list os.path:5       # List starting from line 5 of module os.path
list os.path:5, 6    # list lines 5 and 6 of os.path
list os.path:5, +1   # Same as above. +1 is an offset
list os.path:5, 1    # Same as above, since 1 < 5.
list os.path:5, +6   # list lines 5-11
list os.path.join()  # List lines centered around the os.join.path function.
list .               # List lines centered from where we currently are stopped
list -               # List lines previous to those just shown
list                 # List continuing from where we last left off

See also

set listsize, or show listsize to see or set the number of source-code lines to list. help syntax location for the specification of a location and help syntax range for the specification of a range.