Info Break

info breakpoints [ bp-number… ]

Show the status of specified breakpoints (or all user-settable breakpoints if no argument).

The Disp column contains one of keep, or del, to indicate the disposition of the breakpoint after it gets hit. del means that the breakpoint will be deleted. The Enb column indicates if the breakpoint is enabled. The Where column indicates the file/line number of the breakpoint.

Also shown are the number of times the breakpoint has been hit, when that count is at least one, and any conditions the breakpoint has.


(trepan3k) info break
Num Type          Disp Enb    Where
1   breakpoint    del  n   at /tmp/
2   breakpoint    keep y   at /tmp/
        breakpoint already hit 1 time
3   breakpoint    keep y   at /tmp/
        stop only if x > 0