Step (step into)

step [ + | - | < | > | ! ] [event…] [count]

Execute the current line, stopping at the next event.

With an integer argument, step that many times.

event is list of an event name which is one of: call, return, line, exception c-call, c-return or c-exception. If specified, only those stepping events will be considered. If no list of event names is given, then any event triggers a stop when the count is 0.

There is however another way to specify a single event, by suffixing one of the symbols <, >, or ! after the command or on an alias of that. A suffix of + on a command or an alias forces a move to another line, while a suffix of - disables this requirement. A suffix of > will continue until the next call. (finish will run run until the return for that call.)

If no suffix is given, the debugger setting different-line determines this behavior.


step        # step 1 event, *any* event
step 1      # same as above
step 5/5+0  # same as above
step line   # step only line events
step call   # step only call events
step>       # same as above
step call line # Step line *and* call events

See also

next command. skip, jump (there’s no hop yet), continue, and finish provide other ways to progress execution.