Set Different

set different [ on | off ]

Set consecutive stops must be on different file/line positions.

By default, the debugger traces all events possible including line, exceptions, call and return events. Just this alone may mean that for any given source line several consecutive stops at a given line may occur. Independent of this, Python allows one to put several commands in a single source line of code. When a programmer does this, it might be because the programmer thinks of the line as one unit.

One of the challenges of debugging is getting the granualarity of stepping comfortable. Because of the above, stepping all events can often be too fine-grained and annoying. By setting different on you can set a more coarse-level of stepping which often still is small enough that you won’t miss anything important.

Note that the step and next debugger commands have ‘+’ and ‘-’ suffixes if you wan to override this setting on a per-command basis.

See also

set trace to change what events you want to filter. show trace.