Set Highlight

set highlight [ reset ] {plain | light | dark | off}

Set whether we use terminal highlighting for ANSI 8-color terminals. Permissible values are:

plain:no terminal highlighting
off:same as plain
light:terminal background is light (the default)
dark:terminal background is dark

If the first argument is reset, we clear any existing color formatting and recolor all source code output.

A related setting is style which sets the Pygments style for terminal that support, 256 colors. But even here, it is useful to set the highlight to tell the debugger for bold and emphasized text what values to use.


set highlight off   # no highlight
set highlight plain # same as above
set highlight       # same as above
set highlight dark  # terminal has dark background
set highlight light # terminal has light background
set highlight reset light # clear source-code cache and
                          # set for light background
set highlight reset # clear source-code cache

See also

show highlight and set style