trepan2 - Python2 debugger


trepan2 [ debugger-options ] [ – ] [ python-script [ script-options …]]


Run the Python2 trepan debugger from the outset.


-h, –help:Show the help message and exit
-x, –trace:Show lines before executing them.
-F, –fntrace:Show functions before executing them.
–basename:Filenames strip off basename, (e.g. for regression tests)
–client:Connect to an existing debugger process started with the –server option
-x FILE, –command= FILE:
 Execute commands from FILE
–cd= DIR:Change current directory to DIR
-confirm:Confirm potentially dangerous operations
–dbg_trepan:Debug the debugger
–different:Consecutive stops should have different positions
 list of debugger commands to execute. Separate the commands with ;;
 Use syntax and terminal highlight output. “plain” is no highlight
–private:Don’t register this as a global debugger
–post-mortem:Enter debugger on an uncaught (fatal) exception
-n, –nx:Don’t execute commands found in any initialization files
-o FILE, –output= FILE:
 Write debugger’s output (stdout) to FILE
-p PORT,–port= PORT:
 Use TCP port number NUMBER for out-of-process connections.
–server:Out-of-process server connection mode
–sigcheck:Set to watch for signal handler changes
-t TARGET, –target= TARGET:
 Specify a target to connect to. Arguments should be of form, protocol:address
–from_ipython:Called from inside ipython
–:Use this to separate debugger options from any options your Python script has

See also

trepan3k (1), trepan2c (Python2 client to connect to remote trepan session) (1), trepan3kc

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