Disassemble (CPython disassembly)

disassemble [thing]

disassemble [address-range]

Disassembles bytecode. See help syntax arange for what can go in an assembly-list range.

Without arguments, print lines starting from where the last list left off since the last entry to the debugger. We start off at the location indicated by the current stack.

in addition you can also use:

  • a ‘.’ for the location of the current frame
  • a ‘-’ for the lines before the last list
  • a ‘+’ for the lines after the last list

With a class, method, function, pyc-file, code or string argument disassemble that.


disassemble    # Possibly lots of stuff dissassembled
disassemble .  # Disassemble lines starting at current stopping point.
disassemble +                    # Same as above
disassemble os.path              # Disassemble all of os.path
disassemble os.path.normcase()   # Disaassemble just method os.path.normcase
disassemble 3                    # Disassemble starting from line 3
disassemble 3, 10                # Disassemble lines 3 to 10
disassemble *0, *10              # Disassemble offset 0-10
disassemble myprog.pyc           # Disassemble file myprog.pyc

See also

help syntax arange for the specification of a address range deparse, list, info pc