kill [ signal-number ] [unconditional]

Send this process a POSIX signal (‘9’ for ‘SIGKILL’ or ‘kill -SIGKILL’)

9 is a non-maskable interrupt that terminates the program. If program is threaded it may be expedient to use this command to terminate the program.

However other signals, such as those that allow for the debugged to handle them can be sent.

Giving a negative number is the same as using its positive value.


kill                # non-interuptable, nonmaskable kill
kill 9              # same as above
kill -9             # same as above
kill!               # same as above, but no confirmation
kill unconditional  # same as above
kill 15             # nicer, maskable TERM signal
kill! 15            # same as above, but no confirmation

See also

quit for less a forceful termination command; exit for another way to force termination. run and restart are ways to restart the debugged program.